Easy Digital Signal Processing

What is EZDSP?

EZDSP is an audio plug-in that allows users to edit the plug-in’s DSP source code from directly within their favorite DAW.

How does it work?

The EZDSP interface consists of two main elements: The DSP Code Editor and the Components Window. Understanding how these elements interact is key to getting your first plug-in up and running. See Examples and Documentation for more info.


Audio programming is a uniquely tedious and complicated subsect of computer programming. The goal of EZDSP is to strip these details away, providing a clear and intuitive way of learning the basics of digital signal processing. Creating a simple delay plug-in with C++ can require hundreds of lines of code, with EZDSP it can be done with three. We want to make audio programming as accessible as possible, bringing together programmers and musicians to create digital audio effects that can be easily created, used, and shared

Need help?

Having trouble with EZDSP? Have suggested improvements. Please send all questions/comments to garrettecklmusic@gmail.com